• Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio

    de' Medici

  • Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio

    de' Medici

    The villa is strategically located in an area surrounded by very popular site-seeing destinations such as Tuscany, Liguria (by North West), and Emilia Romagna (by North East). Here visitors can, among many other things, relax and savor the world-famous Italian cuisine.
  • Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio

    de' Medici

    This truly unique location offers a wide array of options for every taste, at a very high level of excellence: art, history, architecture, nature, thermal baths, music theatre, and more. Some areas nearby the villa are off the beaten path of mass tourism and therefore offer a more intimate and “local” feel to visitors.
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La Villa in Toscana

Tuscany is certainly among Italy's most beautiful areas, offering a fairytale experience to visitors.

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Activities of the Villa

The glorious and renown Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio de' Medici organizes a variety of events and guided tours.

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  • Culture

A few examples of events include:


The villa offers private guided tours and customized excursions based on the visitor's particular need, interest, and schedule. Some common areas of interest include:



Aeroporto internazionale di Pisa "Galileo Galilei"Visita adessoAeroporto-Galilei

  • Indirizzo: Piazzale d'Ascanio 1, 56121, PISA (PI)
  • Ufficio informazioniTel:050 849 300
  • Centralino SAT: Tel: 050 849 111
  • Sito Internet: http://www.pisa-airport.com/

distanza dalla Villa 12km, raggiungibile in circa 20'

Aeroporto di Firenze-PeretolaVisita adessoAeroporto-Galilei

distanza dalla Villa 87km, raggiungibile in un'ora 


Treni e Ferrovie:                          Visita adessoAeroporto-Galilei

  • Stazione a San Giuliano Terme (5 km dalla Villa),

        per Lucca, Garfagnana, Pisa;

  • Stazione a Pisa centrale, a 12km dalla Villa. Treni

        di ogni tipo per Firenze, Roma, La Spezia (5 Terre) Genova,
        Torino e Francia, per Milano via Pontremoli e Fornovo, per
        Bologna e Venezia via Firenze.


 Porto di LivornoVisita adessoAeroporto-Galilei



 Porto di PiombinoVisita adessoAeroporto-Galilei

  • Indirizzo: Piazzale Premuda 61a, 57025 Piombino
  • Ufficio informazioni: Tel. 0565 221000
  • Sito Internet: http://www.piombino.it/




si raggiungono facilmente in 10' le autostrade A12 (Genova-Roma)
e A11 (Firenze mare), mentre da Firenze si può prendere l'A1 (Milano-Napoli)



A Brief History of Villa Admiral Giulio de 'Medici - XVI century

giulioThe Villa is located in Arena Metato (previously known as Arena Pisana), and it was built in the second half of the 1500s by the First Admiral of the Medici and Santo Stefano Fleet Giulio de' Medici. The Villa was meant to be his personal countryside property.

The “Ammiraglio” is one of the very few Villas in the province of Pisa to be built and inhabited directly by the Medici family of Florence.We know nothing about the architect who actually built it, but the style and coat of arms of the Villa could lead to Francavilla, a Belgian artist who at the time was working in Tuscany, and specifically in Pisa.




facciataThe current owners are the Cerretti Piacentino family, who bought the Villa in the early 1970s and completely restored it to the original Renaissance outlook and grandeur. Later on, the Fine Arts Department of Pisa registered the Villa as a historic and artistic monument to be preserved. Today the Villa is ranked among the properties of the Tuscany division of ADSI (Italian Association for the Historic Properties).
Arena is a fraction of the San Giuliano Terme municipality.

Sitting on the left bank of the river Serchio, in ancient times it used to be a sandy island, thus the name. Arena is still a small rural village, growing mainly corn, spinach and its famous delicious strawberries.
stemma med esterno reloadThe village sits right in the middle of the sweet and quaint Pisan countryside; a few kilometers to the South is the famous Leaning Tower and Baptistry of Pisa, which you can see from some of the villa's windows. Facing North-East you can see the mellow layers of the Monti Pisani (Pisan Hills), a popular destination for trekking lovers seeking out the summer cool breeze.
Not too long ago, the Monti Pisani were the relaxing summer retreat of many Pisan noblemen, who built several villas on these hills.

Still further North you can clearly see the Alpi Apuane (Apuan Alps), specifically the Panie group which is typically snow-covered in winter time.













The Villa is a certified municipal hall, registered at the municipality of San Giuliano Terme (Pisa), and it is often used for wedding ceremonies.



Many events of different kinds have taken place at the Villa: weddings, birthdays, concerts, conferences, banquets, business meetings. The Villa features vast halls easily accessible, and furnished with sophisticated taste. The Villa is surrounded by a 1-hectare park.



One of the most memorable events to tale place at the Villa was organized by the University of Pisa, along with the property owners. For the occasion, the three inventors of the Internet Protocol were awarded with a Honoris Causa Degree: Vinton Cerf, Robert Kahn, and Luciano Lenzini, Engineering Professor at the University of Pisa.

Space availability for typical events at the Villa

  • 2 large antic wood vaulted halls (about 130-sq meters big), each complete with a rear entry; one hall is on the ground floor, the other is on the upper floor, they each can accommodate 250 seated people, or when dining, 160 seated people.
  • 1 small hall (about 40-sq meters big) which can accommodate 60 seated people, or when dining, 50 seated people.
  • 1 large kitchen on the ground floor, as old as the villa, it has a large pietra serena fireplace and sink, gas stove, fridge, dishwasher, slicer. The kitchen has an independent entrance from the park, which is very convenient when it comes to catering for the events, without having to carry things through the main halls.
  • The park has been used extensively for receptions, art exhibits, foreign language classes, dinner parties, concerts, and much more.

Past events at the Villa:

  • Weddings: the Villa was the first private home to be registered at San Giuliano Terme town hall as a facility for civil marriage celebrations, in some instances the newlyweds spent their first night at the villa.
  • Birthdays,
  • Banquets,
  • Receptions,
  • Wine, Olive Oil, and Cheese tasting, Cooking classes,
  • Concerts,
  • Period Dances
  • Conferences,
  • Business Meetings,
  • Seminars,
  • Book Launches,
  • Corsi di Cucina,
  • Dance Classes,
  • Art Exhibits
  • Sculpture Exhibit: In 1985 the San Giuliano Terme town council organized an exhibit of local artists from Pisa called “Sculpture in Pisa, in the second half of the twentieth century”. The exhibit was very successful and the sculptures were on display for several months, both inside the villa and out in the park.

Disponibilità e Utilizzi della Villa Medicea AMMIRAGLIO

La Villa Medicea Ammiraglio, situata in una felice posizione fra il fiume Serchio, le Colline Pisane, il Mare Tirreno, il Parco di Migliarino San Rossore e Massaciuccoli, la SS1 Aurelia, vicinissima alla città di Pisa, poco lontana da Lucca e Viareggio, non lontano da luoghi famosi di Arte, Storia, Ambiente, in una posizione centrale della Toscana con Firenze e Siena a 1 ora di auto, dalla parte marina, non lontano dal mare di Liguria con le sue bellezze tipo Lerici, Portovenere e le 5 Terre permette di programmare una vacanza che consenta relax ma anche visite oppure permanenze da pochi giorni a qualche mese.

Facilità d’ uso della Villa

Nell’ambito della Villa Ammiraglio si trova:

  • ampio parco-giardino (oltre 6000 mq.) con piante secolari e di grande valore e bellezza;
  • facile accesso alla Villa (6 km dal centro di Pisa, Torre Pendente, altri monumenti e Centro città);
  • grandissimo parcheggio per auto e bus antistante la Villa;
  • grande garage (oltre 6 fra auto, moto, biciclette, passeggini per bambini piccoli) per ospiti fissi della Villa;
  • 2 barbecue, con ampia disponibilità di legna, uno dalla parte Nord della Villa e uno dalla parte Sud;
  • seggiole, tavolini, sdraio da trasportare dove meglio si stia;
  • altalena per bambini appesa ad un gigantesco leccio secolare.

Disponibilità della Villa per permanenze e visite.

La Villa dispone di:

  • Numerose camere da letto la maggioranza con bagno collegato,
  • Due grandi locali di servizio di circa 80 mq. l’uno, arredati di tutto punto, ove studiare, leggere, rilassarsi,
  • un appartamento di circa 150 mq. al piano terra,
  • un ampio parco-giardino,
  • un ampio garage,

La Villa organizza anche visite, guidate e non, per visitare e fruire di molte località di grande valore ambientale, turistico, storico, architettonico. Si veda la parte visite e percorsi entro 20 km, entro 50 km, entro 100 km dalla Villa; si noterà come la collocazione della Villa consenta vedere e quindi godere al meglio di alcune delle più importanti bellezze italiane.

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The Villa Medicea Ammiraglio Giulio de’ Medici in the North Central part of Italy, easily reachable by every mean of transportation: highway, train, 2 international airports. With a 250-km coastline, a gorgeous archipelago easily accessible by ferry boat, breathtaking mountains such as the Apuan Alps and the Appennin range, and several lakes, Tuscany is probably the most all-encompassing region of Italy, with a unique blend of history and nature. Here is where the modern Italian language was almost single-handedly invented by Dante Alighieri, and here is also the birthplace of the Renaissance which, through art and science, would propel mankind into our current age. At the Carrara marble caves Michelangelo would personally choose the slabs to be used for his masterpieces, while a few centuries later, Puccini had a beautiful estate overlooking lake Massaciuccoli, where he composed most of his operas. Tuscany's landscape is world-famous, scattered with olive groves, vineyards, and sunflower fields, and dotted with lovely winding roads of cypress trees. Almost every single product of the Tuscan soil is world-renown: olive oil, fine wine, spring water, mushrooms, and the list goes on and on.